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Selecting the right plants to grow in your compound

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Plants add life and ambience to a compound, besides offering privacy from prying eyes.

However, it is important to choose home-friendly plants. This is because some of the trees considered ornamental pose serious risks to your landscape (house, perimeter walls, and septic tanks). Some plants are also known to attract creepy creatures like snakes and insects while others can damage the structure of your home and should be avoided.

Mr Jackton Mwakughu, a landscape architect, says that some tree have very strong and destructive roots that damage your property.

He suggests that trees for landscaping be determined by factors such as non-toxicity, functions and maintenance requirements.

“Some plants are toxic either to humans or pets, or both. They pose a threat either when cut or ingested, or trigger allergies. Some also have thorns and can prick those t who get in contact with them,” says Mwakughu, adding that plants from the oleander family, desert roses, moonflowers, euphorbia species (have poisonous sap) and should be not be planted within the compound.