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Passions Services Limited

Passions Services limited is a private limited liability company duly incorporated under the laws of Uganda (company certificate of incorporation No. 78645 ). The company was incorporated on 13th February 2006 with the mandate of “defining elegance” for all the people of the republic of Uganda.
Damulira Bosco, the Company Managing Director has been actively involved in the industry for quite some time and has been personally involved in many contract activities in the areas of compound designing and maintenance, landscaping, tarmacking and paver laying, stone cladding & painting.

Our Vision

To design and implement all kinds of compound plans for residential and company properties. We value the time and the trust that our clients put in us. Passions boasts of a well trained and dedicated staff to handle work which is always done to suit the client’s requirements. All this work is done to beat the set deadlines without compromising the quality that our clients have come to expect from us.

Our Strength

Our passion for thought-provoking and stimulating innovation ensure that your project exudes “value” at all times. Not only do we guarantee your site will look great, generate comfort and increase status. We’re not satisfied until your investment in our services is returned, over and over again.