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compound design
Compound Design

Compound design is the foundation of any great landscape. What does your dream garden look like? Make that dream a reality with compound design secrets.

Lets design your compound

Compound design

compound designs

When it comes to compound/garden design, it’s mostly up to you. Sure, it’s important to do a good job of soil preparation and carefully match plants to the site which we fulfil. If you ignore these imperatives, your results will likely be disappointing that is why we take it upon ourselves to provide landscape services

Because your personal preference matter a lot in the project implementation we will go extra mile to fulfill it. You might prefer a formal look with straight edged beds and plants in orderly patterns. Or you might prefer a more natural look with sweeping curves and irregular clumps of plants. The styles you choose are up to you.

Walkways & Pathway Installations

compound designs

  • Construction of concrete paver driveway.
  • Lay-out, excavate and grade proposed courtyard.
  • Deliver, spread and compact processed sub-base (hardener).
  • Pavers to be dry-laid in a 1.5″ sand setting bed.
  • Pavers are compacted into sand setting bed with a vibratory compactor proper lock into sand setting bed.
  • Paver joints to be swept with a polymeric sand upon completion
  • Paver materials, colors, textures, and patterns to be determined


compound designs

A flower garden is any garden where flowers are grown for decorative purposes. Because flowers bloom at varying times of the year, and some plants are annual, the design of flower gardens can take into consideration maintaining a sequence of bloom and even of consistent color combinations, through varying seasons that is why passions services will get you the best garden(s) you deserve.

Bed/Gardening Installation

  • Edge, rake, and clean planting beds upon completion
  • Deliver and install premium bark mulch throughout all planting beds
  • Evenly rake mulch and clean site upon completion
  • Price, color and type of mulch to vary